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this is the story of a prince who became queen

this still isnt the happy ending

zackary vile
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Im zack, shit happens and I dont care, my life isnt amazing...its just better than yours, because I make it that way.
action figures, alterna models, alternative modeling, amanda lepore, american mcgee's alice, andy warhol, artdeco, black and white movies, black death rolling papers, black lipstick, blow, blunts, bobba fett, body mods, boys in makeup, brass knuckels, broken glass, bubbels, bubble gum shisha tobacco, bubblegum pink, cazwell, chapstick, cheap trick, chris angel, ciggerette holders, cindy lauper, cloves, coffee, corsets, cosplay, davie bowie, death, diy clothing, dolls, drag queens, draghags, dreadlocks, eddie izzard, emo glasses, faghags, fairy tales, family guy, fashion design, feather boas, fishnet tights, fishnets, fog machines, fur coats, fx contacts, garter belts, ginger snapps, glam rock, glitter, gogo boots, goth boys, hair coloring, hair extensions, hair weavs, hairspray, halloween, hard candy cosmetics, heart, heatherette, hip flasks, home haunting, hooka's, i dream of jeenie, iggy pop, islands, jackie "o" sunglasses, kids, kill bill, last days, latex clothing, leather pants, leg warmers, lip stain, lip venom, lipstick, lolie pops, lolita, lolita goth, lou reed, lsd, mac cosmetics, mae west, making clothing, manic panic, may, medical fetish, medical fetish clothing, mod clothing, monster trucks, my so called life, nale polish, napolian cosmetics, nars cosmetics, pin up girls, platform shoes, poison bottels, project runway, prom dresses, pumpkinrot, queer as folk, return to oz, roach clips, rocky horror picture show, sailormoon, sailors, school boy uniforms, scissor sisters, sephora, show girls, shushi, shwartes mom, ska, skelotons, smashbox cosmetics, spiders, spraypaint, stacy's coffee, stepford wives, sugar cookies, suny potsdam, the 80's, the bride of frankenstein, the devils rejects, the dresden dolls, the gogo's, the munsters, the newyorkdolls, the ramones, thrift stores, tiaras, universal monsters, urbandecay cosmetics, uso girls, velvet goldmine, vintage flash, warren zevon, weavs, werewolfs, werewolves of london, werwolvs of lehman, wigstock