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summer days

another summer has started, and Iam trying to put myself out there again, but after Ryan I still have trepidations about feeling anything for anyone, Iam tired of getting kicked around. I have been speaking with an old friend who I had a lot of deep feelings and respect for, and we'v talked about seeing each other romantically and I want to, but I need some time first to work out some issues.
its weird how you can care so much for someone and they completely break your heart and could careless about it. the entire year I was back in school I lived a few towns over from canton, I was almost two blocks away from his house, and had to walk by to school every day, and that whole time I was left to wonder what I had done and what I should do to fix it. only now I realize that it wasn't me, it was an immature boy who is an emotional tourist when it comes to dating and loving. I don't hate him, I couldn't make myself even try, I do still care about him and more than anything feel so sorry for him.

did I mention I might be an uncle?....the boys got a foster son and in October they will be able to find out if they can adopt him. I hope it all works out for them, they love that lil-bugger a whole lot.
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