zackary vile (snowwhitewhore) wrote,
zackary vile

its not everday a boy writes you a poem

Oh, you see, in this land of trees

we once were creature-a-many.

'Til man had come and undone

our kingdom that was unlike any!

But, even the strongest man cannot undo

the power of the goblins or our king.

With quick mind and faster bodies,

we flitted away on a raven's wing.

Far across the oceans vast

and the caverns deep,

We founded a new kingdom

where our king could finally sleep.

And here we waited in our labyrnith city

for our king to choose his wife; the queen.

We waited four our king to hear her cry

and anything inbetween.

For so long we waited; Waited for the queen to cry,

a tear was all we needed, just a drop of sorrow.

Then one day we heard the calling far from our kinfolk.

'Twas a human girl who called to us from her window.

She sought escape from her life so plain

and to find the rightful place where she could live.

The goblin king's heart did leap and his mind did race,

for he knew the perfect answer he could give.

The king was worred the human girl would never stay,

and so he crafted a cursed ring for when they wed.

If the ring were to be removed without the king's approval,

the poor goblin queen's heart would stop and she would drop dead.

In the night when the girl lay sleeping in her bed,

we goblins came and took her to join us in our land.

The king came rejoicing, in love and in delight

to place the goblin ring upon the sad girl's hand.

The king had found his queen, his wife forever.

No protest from the queen could dissever his love for her.

No attempt to escape could keep him from her.

And one day she will know all of the ways he has of keeping her...

Forever she will remain with us,

to be the wife to our goblin king.

Forever trapped with us she will be,

so long as she wears the ring.

Sweet Dreams............................
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