zackary vile (snowwhitewhore) wrote,
zackary vile

alone in my room

wow.....things are so strange
the song good bye yellow brick road takes on new meaning every day for me.
my mind is drawing a blank wene it comes to things of the heart,
freinds are floating away
sober rants are not as fun as trashed out of your mind rants are
cleaning cleaning cleaning cleaning.....and disinfection
a collection of glitter nale polishes.....seriusly
manson family
burgundy fadded to chocolate brown

wene I was younger and not allowed to have boys in my room(on account i had just came out)I used to sneak them in through my bedroom window, the other night I found myself listening to blue oyster cults dont fear the reaper, and remembering my 15 to 17 yr old anntics and had to light up and try to forget.

"we make our own wonderlands and fairytales.....there for its our choice to destroy them or keep them plush and beautiful"
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